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January 2007

No Monthly Fees.
No Minimum Balance.
No Per-Check Charge. NO COMPARISON!

Have you compared our checking account with those offered at other institutions? Our checking
account offers value that’s hard to beat!

Our Checking Account Features:

• No monthly fee
• No per-check charges
• No minimum balance
• ATM access
• Audio response
• Home banking

Our other fees, such as stop-payment fees and NSF fees, are lower than most banks. Plus,
you can take advantage of features like overdraft protection, direct deposit and more.
Make the switch today — there is just no reason to wait! Call us today at (912) 285-5150 for more information.

The Wait Is Over…
the VISA Debit Cards Are Here!

Community United FCU is pleased to provide VISA® debit cards to members with active checking accounts in good standing. This convenient card is like having your checkbook and ATM card rolled into one!


• Money is automatically deducted from checking account
• No annual or monthly fee
• Eliminates the need to write a check
• No finance charge or credit card balance to repay
• Don’t have to enter your personal identification number (PIN) in public
• No losing track — Simply verify your transactions with audio response or by logging on to You will also receive a monthly statement of your transactions.
• No-hassle 24-hour access to your funds — Your VISA Debit Card can be used as an ATM card. When you enter your personal identification number you can use it to
withdraw money from your account 24 hours a day at terminals where you see the VISA, Cirrus or Star logos.

Merchants should give you the option to press “debit” or “credit” when using your check card. You always want to press “credit” and sign for your purchases so you’ll gain
maximum purchase protection against fraud and chargeback rights that will make getting refunds on previously purchased items easier.

Call the credit union today to apply for your free VISA debit card.

No Monthly Fees.
No Minimum Balance.
No Per-Check Charge.
The Wait Is Over…
Are You Giving Your Retirement to Uncle Sam?
It’s Credit Union Family Time!

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