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April 2007

Market Index Certificates...
Don't Risk Your Money, Reward It!

Are you looking for a higher earnings alternative, without the risk? Do you want stock market returns, the safety of NCUA insurance and peace of mind for your investments? Community United Federal Credit Union has enhanced it’s Market Index Certificate to provide a worry-free way to invest your money. Market Index Certificates offer un-capped dividend potential, which means that when the market is up, your money is on the rise. When the market is down, your original investment is safe and sound!

Community United Federal Credit Union Market Index Certificates are the best combination of earnings potential and security. This hybrid deposit product gives you the chance to participate in market gains, but provides the assurance that you won’t lose a dime of your original deposit (when held to maturity). In fact, one of the new aspects of our Market Index Certificate is minimum dividend guarantees. This means that you are guaranteed to receive a dividend (when held to maturity) even if the market does not perform.

What are Market Index Certificates?
A Market Index Certificate is an insured credit union certificate that will earn the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over a one-, three- or five-year term. This provides an opportunity to achieve higher dividends than fixed-rate certificates.

Key Benefits of Market Index Certificates
• 100% principal guarantee
• NCUA insurance
• Dividend tied to return of Dow Jones Industrial Average or minimum APY
• Available in one-, three- and five-year terms
• Affordable - $500 minimum deposit

Who Should Consider Market Index Certificates?
Market Index Certificates are a logical deposit product for members looking to participate in the appreciation of a market index. They can serve a large variety of savings needs with a low minimum deposit of $500 and no sales fees. They are great for:
• Retirement savings
• College educational savings accounts
• Baby boomers
• Investors with gains who would like to lock in profits
• Or any member who wants potential for better dividend rates, but wants to be guaranteed no loss of principal

For more information on Market Index Certificates, please contact our
Member Service Representative today!

TIP: Don’t risk your money. Reward it with Market Index Certificates!


Market Index Certificates....
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